By kanayo, October 1, 2015

Kanayo Ebi is a celebrity fashion stylist and an Image / Brand Consultant. An avid lover of fashion, Kanayo recognizes that fashion is something worthy of conviction and respect from all that engage in the industry, not something in which to frivolously toy. With her keen and innovative eye, Kanayo exists on the cutting edge of both fashion and style. Having lived in and visited innumerable parts of the world, she believes that every culture, every lifestyle, and every architectural detail has strong influences in the undercurrent winds that direct fashion. She recognizes that in her field, she is constantly propelled into new opportunities in which to learn, and consistently tune her well-trained eye. Her love for fashion is never ceasing, with moments of enlightenment that are never forgettable.
Since 2007, Kanayo has been working as a professional Wardrobe Stylist and Image Consultant. She has worked directly with the brand manager and designers of Pastry Apparel as a consultant, forecasting trends and pioneering ground-breaking concepts for forthcoming seasons. Additionally, she has also constructed custom-made wardrobes for Pastry Apparel’s brand owners, Vanessa and Angela Simmons. Kanayo’s clientele includes a range of celebrities, reputable publications, and fashion shows. Aside from her well-known work with the Simmons sisters, Kanayo has also worked with a wide range of celebrities, reputable publications, and fashion shows including America’s Next Top Model Winner Dani Evans, actress Adrienne Bailon, Former American Idol Contestant Joanne Borgella, celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, actress Monique Coleman, host Rocsi Diaz formerly of BET’s 106 and Park, Tatler Magazine, The Saturday Telegraph Magazine, and Hype Hair Magazine.
Kanayo’s blog, kachmeeifyoucan.blogspot.com, highlights her fashion adventures, celebrity styling, commentary on up-and-coming trends in the industry, and musings from the mind of the stylist. On her blog, as well as in her work, she reminds her readers that fashion is not a hobby, but indeed a lifestyle.