By kanayo, October 20, 2015

Personal Styling
Kanayo takes a personalized approach in assisting and developing wardrobe strategies to polish the client’s image and enhance their personal style. She cultivates an external representation of each client’s individuality that helps them look their best, feel their best, and be their best! Kanayo also caters to A-list celebrities, models, musicians, and TV personalities. She has a track record of collaborating flawlessly with Fashion Designers, Photographers, Art Directors, Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists to put together a particular look or theme for her clients.

Wardrobe Consulting
Before adding to a client’s wardrobe, it is important to assess what they already own. Together, Kanayo reviews and evaluates each client’s current wardrobe based on their best colors and styles, fashion preferences, and lifestyle choices. She helps each client develop a wardrobe that’s pulled together, and representative of each client’s sense of self. By acquiring accessories that express who they are, Kanayo transforms their closet into a sanctuary of well-organized items that will be exciting to wear. With seamless ease, Kanayo leads clients

Personal shopping
Imagine leaving a store with clothing items that work with your look, your life and your budget! This service begins with a consultation review of the client’s goals and what suits them, along with their wardrobe priorities and budget. Kanayo then targets those stores that have been selected with their needs in mind. Clients receive expert advice about what items work best for them and in combination with what they already own. Kanayo also provides personal shopping at a client’s home or place of business for existing clients. This entails letting Kanayo going to on the hunt on your behalf, and bringing the selection to their door, providing a uniquely intimate and luxurious experience.

Brand & Image Consulting
As personal stylist, Kanayo guides clients in selecting clothing for editorial features, print/television advertising campaigns, music videos, performances, and public appearances. She is dedicated to creating a personal brand unlike anyone else.

The (KachMeIfYouCan) Showroom

Kanayo has expanded her brand as a Celebrity Stylist and Brand Consultant, by opening a showroom in the Fashion capital of NYC.  The showroom represents International Emerging Designers,using Kanayo’s platform and expertise as a successful stylist in the fashion industry to help expand their reach as a brand, as well as providing Branding, PR and sales services to help them become a staple brand in the fashion industry. The showroom houses Designers from all over the world like London, Africa and the US. giving them an opportunity to reach a broader fashion audience and create some notoriety for their individual brands. For more information on the showroom please do email: